Moscow, 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 21

Opening of the summer terrace at Luce

Cafe Luce invites everyone to come visit our new summer terrace!

It’s summer here in Moscow and the weather is spoiling us with sun and high temperatures but where can people go to escape the heat and catch a pleasant breeze? In the very center of Moscow, wine bar Luce opened its summer terrace which will always guarantee a comfortable temperature thanks to modern air-conditioning technology. You will find our light summer lunch menu in a comfortable 22C environment even more enjoyable and will properly savor exquisite appetizers like various types of carpaccios from red beet and soft cheese and walnuts or beef tomatoes with pesto sauce. We offer our guests various soups like cold soups and Spanish gazpacho (classical or with crab meat and ruccola), traditional Russian okroshka (a classical summer soup made from a mix of mostly raw vegetables like cucumbers and spring onions, boiled potatoes, eggs, and a choice of cooked meat — can be vegetarian as well — with kvass, garnished with sour cream) or a light shchi from sorrel. As a main, guests can choose fish (halibut fillet with fresh vegetables), seafood kebabs with Kaiso salad, poultry (garlic pressed chicken with spicy tomato sauce) or meat (beef steak). Desserts are simply delightful even in hot weather, especially if you taste our cold berry and mango soup or mango and passion fruit or strawberry and wild strawberry jelly, as well as our sweet pizza with forest berries and Philadelphia cheese — not to be missed!

  • LUCE is an exclusive brand, brought to Russia by the Italian winery Frescobaldi. The Frescobaldi family's fame stretches back more than 700 years and is closely connected with Italian and Tuscan history, art and culture. The family has been producing wine since the 14th century. Its best-known trademarks are Montesodi, Mormoreto, Castelgiocondo Brunello, and Luce.
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