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Wine card
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The wine menu here at Luce is our pride and joy!

We offer the widest selection of fine wines, ranging from the enticing offers for business dinners to elite sorts for special occasions and celebrations.

Our wine menu includes the best examples from the classic wine-producing regions — France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, the USA and South Africa.

You will easily find your favorite wine and our sommelier Vyacheslav Nechaev will help pick out something that will perfectly complement your food.

European cuisine
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Classical European and Russian cuisines are always delicious and filling. Our menu offers cold and warm appetizers, salads, soups, focaccia, pizza, risotto, pasta, fish, meat, side dishes, desserts, sweets, berries and fruits. For lunch or dinner you can choose between contemporary dishes from continental Europe, as well as beloved Russian classics prepared according to traditional recipes.

Japanese cuisine
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Japanese cuisine is a treasure chest of healthy fish and seafood, always fresh and of the finest quality. Sashimi, sushi, maki, rolls and warm rolls — all these dishes are highly aesthetic and a pleasure for the taste buds, as well as a great boost to one’s overall well-being. The way we present the food makes it so easy to share between two people! We guarantee original recipes and the highest quality of preparation. You will truly taste the true flavors of Japan!

Breakfasts at «LUCE»
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LUCE Cafe Bar invites you to a daily breakfast (weekends from 12.00 to 15.00)

The longest breakfast on weekends. On the menu: signature omelets, toast, sausage and a selection of cheeses.

We are waiting for you each morning in «LUCE»!

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Where to celebrate your birthday?

The best option: at Luce, an exclusive restaurant in the very center of Moscow. Exquisite dishes from the Russian, Japanese and Italian cuisine will leave no one feeling indifferent, not even the most discerning food connoisseurs. Our sommelier, Vyacheslav Nechaev, will gladly help you pick out a wine from our wine menu, which boasts more than 200 different types and which will complement your birthday celebration meal ideally.

We are delighted to give you a photo session* for you birthday, which will forever remind you of the amazing time spent with your family and friends on your special day!

Summer menu
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Really starting to feel the summer heat and don’t feel like anything hot? Well, we prepared a special summer menu just for the occasion! Incredible cold soups, appetizers, salads, desserts, berries and, of course, ice cream! We also have hot dishes on our menu and you can choose a cold appetizer to start off with and complement your lunch with something hot. You can also make your lunch truly refreshing and pick only fresh and light dishes.

The summer menu is a very nice complement to our traditional menu, which consists of the widest variety of European, Russian and Japanese cuisines.

Children workshops at LUCE
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In 2011 we launched “Culinary Master Classes” at Cafe Luce.

The “Culinary Master Classes” at Cafe Luce are educational and culinary master classes for children.

Unlike other restaurants, we here at Luce focus on gastronomy and the Montessori education and also add some creativity to the process, for example drawing, sculpting, aquagrams and making things with their own hands.

Summer season opening 2013

Opening of the summer terrace at Luce
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Cafe Luce invites everyone to come visit our new summer terrace!

  • LUCE is an exclusive brand, brought to Russia by the Italian winery Frescobaldi. The Frescobaldi family's fame stretches back more than 700 years and is closely connected with Italian and Tuscan history, art and culture. The family has been producing wine since the 14th century. Its best-known trademarks are Montesodi, Mormoreto, Castelgiocondo Brunello, and Luce.
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