Moscow, 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 21
Restaurant LUCE presents special menu
For you, we can offer pancakes of salt dough, warm pancakes, and also customary sweet pancakes with fillers.
Meet Maslenitsa with LUCE!
Guest pm
Alexandra Fedorova!
Starting at 20:00 pm
Summer menu 2013
The opening of summer veranda at LUCE
The longest breakfasts on the weekends – from 10.00 to 15.00
Surprise from LUCE:

We are happy to give you a photo session of your holiday, which will bring you pleasant memories of these minutes spent among your friends and the nearest ones!*
Yours, LUCE.

*You can contact our managers for detailed conditions of photo session holding.
Phone: +7 (495) 797-63-08.
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Ladies and gentlemen!
Cafe bar LUCE is delighted to present wines from the summer 2013 season, which ideally comlpement our restaurant's new fresh summer menu
Summer season opening 2013
Everyone here at Luce would like to thank our guests who celebrated SUMMER 2013 with us!

A special thanks to Sergey Mazaev and the band Moral'niy Kodeks for a wonderful evening!
We invite you
to enjoy a set
by a famous
Spanish DJ
on May 23rd
on Luce's
summer terrace!
Thanks to the imaginative approach of the chef Alexander Ibragimov and to the use of European and Japanese cooking traditions, restaurant Luce is offering you filling and light spring menu during the Lenten season.
Vegetable dishes have taken steady positions – they are used for cooking appetizers, salads and mains. You can taste bruschetta with baked vegetables, beetroot carpaccio with Molgold sauce and shelled walnuts, cream-soup of pumpkin with celery and sesame oil, and traditional hashbrowns. The menu also includes spaghetti with vegetables, risotto with thistles, and panna cotta on soya milk with raspberry sauce, which will remind you of sunny Italy!
Keeping the fast is not just healthy, but it is tasty as well!
Restaurant LUCE presents special menu
For you, we can offer gathered traditional recipes of cooking festive dishes – salt dough pancakes, warm pancakes served hot and hot, and also customary sweet pancakes with fillers.
Meet Maslenitsa with LUCE!

Ladies and Gentlemen!
Restaurant Luce is glad to present you the series of special wine offers from the most significant and also less known, but very interesting manufacturers and wine-makers.
Month by month, we will select wines, which you can judge on its merits and discover something fresh and fascinating for yourselves.
This March, we invite you to check out our collection of the best wines of Cantina Terlano.
5700 rub.
5700 rub.
3300 rub.
5700 rub.
Dear Ladies, the team of café Luce congratulates you on the 8th of March!
We wish you harmony, peace, love, understanding and fulfillment of any of your desires!
We invite you to celebrate the holiday evening in romantic atmosphere with your friends and beloved ones!
Flower compliments and surprises for all guests of the restaurant!
Dessert "TI AMO"
The staff of café LUCE
thanks those who have shared
St. Valentine’s Day
with us!
Thank you very much!!!
On 14.02.2013, all sweethearts and not only will have strawberries as a special gift on ordering a bottle of champagne at special price:

Deutz Brut Classic
7500 4500
Deutz Brut Rose
8000 6500
Café LUCE gives a present
for those who are in love!
A memory photo for free!!!
Today, we offer you to try a dessert
from our chef Alexander Ibragimov
"TI AMO" - a heart of chocolate mousse!
Dessert TI AMO - 450 rub.
On the order of this dessert,
you will receive two glasses of sparkling wine as a present!
Special price is established
for a glass of Deutz champagne:
Deutz Brut Classic 150 ml. - 900 rub. 1500 rub.
Deutz Brut Rose 150 ml. - 1300 rub. 1600 rub.
So, here is the end of 2012!

All the year long, we were glad to be with you in the best minutes, would it be a gala dinner, a business lunch, a family breakfast or a date with beloved ones.

The team of cafe Luce wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
We wish you high achievements, new glorious victories, much love and strong health!

We are awaiting you in our cozy family-like bosom with your friends and loved ones!

Рождественское меню ресторана LUCE

С 17 декабря 2012 г. по 13 января 2013 г. винный ресторан LUCE предлагал гостям специальное праздничное меню.

В преддверии рождественских праздников шеф-повар ресторана Александр Ибрагимов разработал специальное меню, особого внимания в LUCE удостоилась утка: салат с утиной грудкой по-азиатски, запеченная утиная голень с квашеной капустой по-русски, равиоли с уткой по-итальянски, словно переносящие на праздники в разные уголки Земного шара. В зимнюю стужу в LUCE всегда можно согреться праздничным ужином отважных покорителей Аляски - олениной под брусничным соусом!
Christmass time at Luce 2013
It is impossible to imagine a white truffle dish without its best accompaniment, Barolo wine, without its rich structure and Barbaresco, which has finer aromas and a soft, elegant taste
Birthdays, anniversaries, corporative events and banquets - an inimitable Art Deco atmosphere of the restaurant will make your event cheerful and memorable.
A world of Visa liberties at Arkady Novikov restaurants
LUCE restaurant’s wine card specialties

Regaleali Bianco 2011

An excellent addition to cold appetizers and various dishes

Le Rose di Regaleali 2011

The best accompaniment for cheeses and light salads with poultry or seafood

Regaleali Rosso 2009

Creates an ideal combination with traditional Sicilian cooking and meat dishes

White mushrooms season at LUCE
We invite you to try dishes from the new autumn menu at LUCE restaurant.
Breakfasts at the restaurant
At LUCE, we have the longest breakfasts on the weekends – from 10.00 to 15.00
Presentation of Incity’s winter collection at café Luce
Cocktail on the occasion of the opening of the first hair accessories boutique Alexandre de Paris in Moscow
Meet Halloween with LUCE!
Are you ready to meet the most extraordinary autumn holiday Halloween? The key symbol of this event is Jack-o-Lantern, a pumpkin with an ominous face carved on it.
In the most mysterious night of the year, there will be a grand pumpkin carving at LUCE restaurant, and you may take part in it!
Come, even if you haven’t ever tried it – we will teach you!
Summer menu 2013
The opening of summer veranda at LUCE
Alexander Ibragimov on the Fresh Food live program
Sport broadcasts at LUCE!
Café LUCE presents Lenten menu
Café LUCE presents a menu
«Wine card» LUCE was the best
The 25-years anniversary gala dinner of super-Tuscan wine Mormoreto was held at cafe LUCE
Legendary Kilian Hennessy while visiting LUCE
Tina Kamchatnova and Nina Russkikh have become the winners of INTERIA AWARDS 2010 in nomination “Public interior “Innovation” for the creation of café Luce